AALL Liaison

2016 – 2017 Committee Members
Coral Henning, Chair

1. Chapter Visits

  • NOCALL President consults with liaison when AALL headquarters sends out the request for chapter visit form.  NOCALL President informs liaison as to who will be making the visit and when and what arrangements have been made for covering travel expenses.  Liaison contacts AALL representative to welcome them to the chapter and offer to assist with any local travel and stay arrangements.  Liaison introduces visitor to NOCALL members as appropriate.  Also purchases thank you gift for visitor.

2. Advertising AALL Events

  • Prioritize event to advertise at NOCALL meetings, listserv and newsletter.  First priority is events that are being held in the NOCALL geographic area.  Second priority is events or activities in which NOCALL members are involved.  Third are those items that AALL has asked us to advertise.  Ask for help at least once a year from NOCALL members, and AALL President and committee and SIS chairs to help keep liaison informed on items of interest to advertise.

3. Responding to Requests for Information About AALL Related Activities

  • Advertise at least once a year to NOCALL officers and committee chairs that the liaison is available to help them get the appropriate person or information to answer a question or need related to AALL policies and procedures.  When a request is made to the liaison, call or e‑mail AALL sources to get an answer, respond within the appropriate time frame.